CRIA 90 Days Challenge: 1 Month, 1 Right, 1 Action

In Pontmain, France, CRIA forum enabled the participants to experiment participation and to see young people leading projects. Before letting them go home, we gave them a challenge: to use these five days of exchanges, debates, workshops to start an action in the following 90 days.  

CRIA, Idea catalyst

”After CRIA we had tons of project ideas”, tells Zeinab, 13. She and Neyla, 14, came to CRIA as part of the Oui Act programme delegation. Extremely motivated by the challenge, they decided to create their own project: 1 Month, 1 Right, 1 Action. It’s all in the title: each month they would defend a right with an action!

They started by organizing a donation of school material in order to support a school in Morocco. Helped by their mom, they made sandwiches and distributed them in a train station to homeless people. Finally, they took part in “Elles en Selles”, a race connecting Paris and Bruxelles, mixing sport, culture and civic engagement, for young girls. Zeinab and Neyla do not plan on stopping there. They already know the next actions will be and want to organize a clothing drive, a cleaning challenge and another sandwich operation but with children.

CRIA, confidence enhancer

To them, CRIA helped them to “not be shy anymore, dare speak up, debate with others and exchange ideas”. To be with delegations from all over the world, especially the Australian and Palestinian ones, open their eyes to global issues. Their mom confirm: “they’ve been very moved by the Palestinians”. Strong friendship bonds have been forged and still remain to this day.


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