2019 Asian Forum: Safe and Sound

Because India as a country of great diversity itself has lot of issue– social, cultural and political. And within this diverse set up, we have 39 per cent of the country’s population who are children. Given these facts, this year theme Safe and Sound because a safe world for children is a sound world for all, and CATS Asia forum is an ideal set up to create a learning lab to figure out how children can be more involved in the solutions.

The outcome of CATS Asia forum 2019 was that we had about 100 participants from different parts of the world; delegates from India, Sweden, France, South Africa, Malaysia, Taiwan and Nepal were part of the forum.

All through the event, we ensure to provide a space for children and young people to engage and exchange perspectives with adults; to enrich, challenge and expand their respective understanding and knowledge; and to create the potential for meaningful partnerships and participation.

Overall it was a rich, dynamic, experiential, inclusive and fun program co – designed, co – led and co – evaluated by children and adults.

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