What is Child Rights in Action?

What is Child Rights in Action ? Child rights in Action (CRIA) is a model that demonstrates how to create the right conditions for the living  experience of child rights. Many individuals and organizations realize the importance of child rights and participation but face certain challenges when it comes to implementation. Our programs and forums […]

CRIA Online 2021 Forum

The forum After having to postpone CRIA Asia 2020 due to the pandemic, we are very happy and proud to announce you that in 2021, Child Rights in Action Forum : Children Beyond Gender will takes place online, from the 18th to the 20th of June 2021. CRIA is a global community to empower children […]

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Participants testimony

from our forum, webinars and other activities


13, France

CRIA helped me overcome my shyness, to dare speak my mind, debate and talk with others

Founder of HAQ, India

Another great webinar. Delightful to see how young friends used their knowledge, consciousness and presence of mind to respond to the questions that came their way.


16, USA

We know the value of our voices, we respect our voices, and we are open to learning about our world, and determined to change it for the better

Geneviève Garrigos,

former Amnesty International France’s President

We support children as child rights advocates by contributing to event like CRIA or by listening to and helping children in their projects.