Activity 3: Learning how to fly!

We just saw the circumstances of the birth of a girl around the world, through different cultures’ eyes. We can now have a closer look at what they learn.

Our baby bird has now hatched. She’s stretching her wings and her little claws. She looks in awe at the feathers that will make her fly. But she cannot fly, not yet. First she has to learn how to spread her wings, how to take advantage of the wind, how to spot the dangers, and even learn how to fall in order to not fall again. Thankfully, she is not alone; she has someone to help her learn all of that, a watchful guardian to look after her. Our little baby bird is going to learn a lot from this person!  

Like our little bird, we all have a role model. They may be close (a parent, a teacher, a neighbor…), distant (an actor, a politician, an activist…) or even a fictional character.  

Pick someone you consider as your role model and with your phone create a mini-film with them or of them, and explain what you have learned from them, even if it’s from their mistakes, how are we influenced in the way we learn as girls and boys ?   

!! ATTENTION : if you know them, make sure you have their permission to publish the video !!   

The video should be short, 15 sec max.


What have we learned?

The contributions from this activity were really insightful. From what you’ve told us, you are learning from your friends, your family (and in particuliar from your mom) but also from inspiring figures. 

What have you learned from them ? To be strong, brave, to do your best, to have confidence in yourselves, to stand up for what you believe in, to love yourselves first. You’ve also learned to be thankful, respectful, study hard. They’ve inspired you to pursuie your career. 

They also taught you about gender equality, that gender is universal and limitless, and that both must be educated to be better in order to achieve true equality.

The contributions

You can still participate:

– You can create it with Instagram stories and tag us @childrighsinaction and/or #CRIAOnline3 or send in in our DMs (Facebook or Instagram)

– You can create it with tik-tok, save it in your phone and send it to the Facebook group or Instagram.  

– You can create it simply with your phone and send it on our Facebook group or Instagram or by email to 

– If your role model is a distant or a fictional one, you can send a video or a gif of our Facebook group or Instagram or by email to


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