Breaking gender stereotypes through story telling.


In collaboration with UNICEF India and Save the Children India

Date: 10th May
Timing: 3pm – 5.00 pm IST

Gender discrimination, starting from the earliest stages of childhood, continues to deprive children of their childhoods and limit their chances, girls are most especially affected. Numerous social and cultural norms justify negative attitudes and values about children and women as a group, and raising children in such environment prevent them from limits them from living their lives with dignity and make decisions on their own.

Child Rights in Action (CRIA) is hosting a webinar to address these gender-based norms and stereotypes using the concept of the Human Library, unlike a traditional library this session will host individuals (children and adults) as ‘living books’ who are advocates of a gender inclusive society. Our ‘books’ will be from different socio-economic background who will share personal stories of their struggles and what advocacy measure they took to speak against gender-based biases, discrimination and stereotypes.

CRIA is hosting this webinar to give the participants a chance to be inspired by these changemakers and formulate their action plans. A gender equal world is healthier, wealthier, more productive, and more peaceful.

UNICEF India Gender Equality Expert

Meet the books

Pillow thoughts

Sakshi Rai is an 16 years old avid child rights activitist who has been vocal about issues around gender discrimination since a young age. President of National Inclusive Children Parliament, From Anugyalaya Darjeeling

Escaping Nightmares

Susmita Bhandari, an 18 year old, is a social activist as well as child and girls right activist. She is a board member of national adolescents girls network, nepal and president of subha child club, municipal level child network, interact club of gaindakot,etc.


Pooja Yadav is a 16 years old child advocate and also climate activist. She is a part of children’s parliament from PRATYeK and Nine is Mine campaign. ​

Rainbow Fish

Providing care, shelter and protection to street children, forced child labour and children who are trafficked in Darjeeling

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