Child Rights in Action, Day 2: Through the eyes of Aseel

After a good night sleep it’s time to dive into our first real day of “work”. A heavy schedule awaits our participants: Nest Groups, workshops, project sharing, together times… A lot happened in a day and today we welcome Aseel, a young Palestine refugee, to walk us through her day.


What was the theme of the day?

The theme of the day was barriers children as Human Rights Defenders can face. In the Nest Groups we talked about several rights and chose one in particular to represent what barriers comes with it. My group talked about how we can represent the fear of reprisal. On a piece of paper, we drew a girl with two tapes on her mouth, others chose to draw someone with a speaking bubble crossed, because it’s hard for children to talk and they fear people looking at them. On the girl we wrote the sentence “I have the right to say my opinion” in English, Filipino and Arabic. We think that this sentence explains this fear of reprisal, you have the right to talk without fear of people judging you in any ways. We then presented our work in the together times.


What did you do and what was the highlight of the day?

After the Nest Group we had the Together Time which wrapped up what we did in the Nest Group. Then I did a speech. It was about the barriers and challenges that Palestine refugees face. For example, in Lebanon, refugees are issued travel documents instead of passports, they are prohibited from working in 39 professions (engineering, doctor, lawyers…), we are also deprived from owning property. Despite this challenges we never want to be seen as victims, we want the world to see our determination, our passion, our skills and our desire to contribute to our society.

We had the first session of our workshops. I chose Social Media for Human Rights. The first part was about information, we had debate on information, whatever types they may come in. We talked about politics and the news that are not necessarily checked. Then they explained how NGOs managed their social media, how they run it.

We then had the project sharing. I went to the one on disabled people and ecology. Nichole is the young people who ran the conversation. She told us about what she does, how she provides funding for her project, how she visits people and interact with them, what plants, tools she uses and how to use them. She asked us if we had any suggestion on how to improve her project. I had a lot of questions, especially on how she balances school with all the project she’s running. I think she was happy that we came and had loads of ideas to take home.


Who did you meet?

Today I met Imad. When I finished my speech he came to meet me. He’s from Palestine and he thanked me for doing the speech and representing our country the way I did. We discussed the comments and questions I received during the Together Times and he was impressed by our delegation and the way we express ourselves. He made an impact on me, he made me feel happy.

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