CRIA celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Convention


This year the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is celebrating its 30th anniversary. With 192 ratifications out of the 193 UN-recognized countries, this text, which recognizes and protects the rights of children, is the most ratified treaty in the world. Among its pillars is the right of the child to have an opinion (Article 12) on which the work of Child Rights in Action is based. On the anniversary of the Convention, Child Rights in Action has stepped up actions to promote children’s right to participation.


“Slame your rights” in partnership with the city of Paris. 

The city of Paris wished to celebrate this anniversary under the sign of the arts and more particularly through the slam, in sponsorship with slammers Ami Karim and Abd al Malik. In France Slam has been popularized by Grand Corps Malade, it is a form of poem recited rhythmically in music. If the professional slammers of the Parisian workshop “129h Productions” took care of training the young people to this art, Child Rights in Action undertook to bring them the knowledge on the rights of the Child. During one afternoon, the teenagers discovered the Rights of the Children, their rights. After a presentation of the CRC carried out by Mrs. Dominique Versini, Deputy Mayor in charge of Solidarities, we invited them to think about the Rights that challenge them the most, the topics that affect them and that they want to defend. This work was a basis for finding the themes their future slam.

On Wednesday 20th of November, in the Paris City Council Chamber, in the presence of Mrs the Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, and of the Sponsors, we witnessed the result of their work. At the heart of their slams: freedom of speech, environment, right to live with dignity, right to be protected, right to education. 

“La parole n’a pas d’âge, quand je slame tu voyages (…) si je t’ai écouté, j’voudrais être entendu, je demande le respect, ma main vous est tendue” 

(Speech has no age, when I slame you travel (…) if I listened to you, I’d like to be listen to, I ask for respect, please give me it)

Jonathan Levy et Leïla, ancienne participante à CRIA 2019


Human Libraries in Issy-les-Moulineaux

The city of Issy-les-Moulineaux puts children in the spotlight throughout the month of November with the Isséennes Weeks. Child Rights in Action was able to participate in this large-scale event twice by organizing Human Libraries at leisure centers. The Human Library is an activity that enables young people and children to tell a story about something that affects them.

To help them structure their ideas, we asked them to build their story in three stages. First, children choose the theme they want to share and point out the tangible problems they face. In a second step, they must explain the reasons for their choice. And, finally, they are looking for solutions to answer the problem they have identified.

From 1st to 4th grade the students were brilliant! The place of the disabled in society, the protection of nature, the importance of the family are just some examples of stories shared with their peers. These stories gave rise to exchanges with their audience, which in turn could rebound by telling an anecdote or proposing a solution to the problem. The children challenged us and reminded us that it is important to be careful and attentive to people with disabilities, that we must favor walking or taking the tram to get around, and that a stable and loving environment is essential to the good development of children.

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