The forum

After having to postpone CRIA Asia 2020 due to the pandemic, we are very happy and proud to announce you that in 2021, Child Rights in Action Forum : Children Beyond Gender will takes place online, from the 18th to the 20th of June 2021.

CRIA is a global community to empower children and adults to advocate for the rights of children, as written in the UN Child Right Convention, through child participation and child advocacy. CRIA wants to enhance the participants’ skills, their confidence, to widen their network and find the motivation to carry their own project throughout the year. The program Child Rights in Action provides a practical solution to children and the stakeholders by showing them simultaneously, the importance of an inclusive approach and the conditions for its implementation.

This year’s theme “Children Beyond Gender” has been elected by the children in our team as it is at the core of their preoccupation. Indeed, in many parts of Asia, the birth of a girl child is not welcomed. Right from her arrival, she faces discrimination and subjected to oppression at every stage of life. Through educational activities the participants will acquire more knowledge about the topic and come up with solution to the problem Girl Children are facing. These activities include time in plenary session in which an expert with the background of child rights will address with the participants on the theme of the forum, smaller discussion groups, workshops to learn a specific skill or a topic, along playful and bonding moments. They are designed by a group of people and organizations, coming from various background throughout Asia, and in collaboration with children.

The schedule

This schedule is based on the GMT time zone. Make sure to check what are the matching hours in your country

  • The nest groups are sessions during which participants are divided into smaller group. They are meant to be a safe space of communication and sharing about a topic linked with the overall theme.

  • Together times are plenary sessions, where all the participants come together in a common platform, get to know each other and collaborate. During the together times, we invite guests from NGOs and Government representatives who hail the sessions with their key message to the participants. It’s a moment to be inspire by others.

  • The workshops provide skills and/or knowledge about the topic of the day.

All the workshops will take place at the same time, 1pm GMT. The participant will pick one and have 3 sessions, one each day, to explore the topic. But we will share the content of the others to give you a chance to see what they are about! The same will go for the Nest Groups

Tools from the forum

Nest groups & together times structure
Workshop 1: Menstruation, let's not make it a taboo
Workshop 1: powerpoint support
Workshop 4: Gender Equality, powerpoint support
Workshop 3: Creative media

Online tools used: Padlet – Miro 

Forum's output

Nest Groups Melting Pots

On the first day of CRIA Online Forum, our participants were divided in four Nest Group. Those Nest Group each had a focus on a particuliar time of life. Each of the participants were ask to discuss of the different problems related to gender equality that people could face. Then, they put all those issues in melting pots and here are the results of each Nest Group.

Chelsea Spoken Poem for workshop 3

Maheen, Spoken Poetry for workshop 3

Insight of the forum

Take a look at the Together Times, the reflection from the Nest Groups, the speakers, and much more in the detailed articles about what happened during the forum.

Day 1: Gender issues

Day 2: Actions and Empowerment

Day 3: Advocay

It’s been amazing to be here! I’ve been so empowered. Thank you every single person here in the forum. It’s been great that I learnt so much, and I’m excited to bring forward our ambitions!
12, Australia
With creative media I've learn about tools I can use for my projects and activities I can conduct anywhere and it will help me in my project and other things
16, India
It gives so much hope seeing what is possible when over only a few days with people working together,sharing ideas and skills and achieve so much! Thank you very much everyone
When i heard you wanted me to join i was doubting that i could do it,thank you for inspiring me and for making me believe in myself
16, Philippines