And on for the forum's second day!

Before starting the day the Nest Groups shared their work on the melting pots (see the video below)

Afterwards we had our first activity: the island! As Chelsea explained, the nest groups were prisoners of a desertic island and had to get out with only three item they had in a bag. It was also a broader metaphor on how, together, we can find inovative solutions to our problem with only what we have in hand.


The Nest Group 1, on conception to newborn, had a lot of ideas. Their favorites : going on the back of daulphins to swim back home or use the milk bottle to float on it and sail back or use the balloons as rocket to move forward.

Regarding the challenges faced by their age group, they talked about the issues as a whole. Many are rooted out in cultural issues and general ideas of how girls and women should behave. They shared different methods, talked about spreading awareness using pictures of speaking to others in communities, school competition on those issues so children can participate and be involved.


The Nest Group 2, on infancy through childhood, had a cellphone, pencils anda  teddy bear. They chose to cuddle with the teddy bear until the sun goes down and call with the cellphone. As solution for the issues faced by their age group, they talked about mixing together more as children – separate group between girls and boys – to understand and be sensitive to how girls and boys function differently. Also they pointed out the need for strong laws and policies implemented by government but highlighted the problem of actual implementation on the ground.


The Nest Group 3, on adolescence, had books and a lapotop. They chose to build a staircase with the books to have internet connexion and send a signal or to make research on how to escape. They also tackled the idea that women are always caretakers. To counter that they proposed to give examples of women who have not conformed with that image. They also raised the need to teach  boys to sustain themselves without women.


The Nest Group 4, on adulthood, had a CD player and decided to use it’s reflection to signal passing boats. Otherwise, they used their other tools as metaphors. Like french fries could be access to food which is one of our needs and there is a lot more needs. The shades is about taking them off, to see the world as it is and talk about is as they are, what can we do to make people see the women problems as they are. It’s important to fight for the justice women deserves.

The participants came back for the workshops in the afternoon to continue their work. They will show case their results on the final day of the forum!

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