What's CRIA Online ?

CRIA Online was born out of the need to connect children stranded alone in their own home due to the lockdown. It’s started as little activities on social media to connect them between them. As the time went and the need to talk grew stronger, the team revisited the purpose of CRIA Online. It is now a way for children and adults to have conversation, training, to acquire knowledge and tools to build their own project and defend their own rights as written in the UNCRC. 

The first activities

The webinars

First CRIA Online Webinar: a discussion about gender discrimination.

115 people – of which half were under 18 - from about 16 countries, were gathered to discuss discriminations against girls.

CRIA Webinar: Safety First

Bullying, Mental Health and Online Safety were the three topic discussed during this second CRIA Online webinar

Webinar: Campaigns & Projects

This new CRIA Online webinar put children leading projects in the spotlight. Around 50 persons came to here them talk and learn from their experience.

Breaking gender stereotypes through story telling.

Initiatives of Change France, in collaboration with Unicef India and Save The Children India, young advocates will share tales of their struggles and what advocacy measures they took to speak against gender-based biases, discrimination and stereotypes.
Timing: 10th May, 3pm-5pm IST.