Day 3: Through the eyes of Everson

Today it’s Everson’s turn to tell us about his day. He is 10 years old boy from Ecuador, lives in Quito and goes Maria Troncatti school.  He lives with his parents, sister and uncle who has a dog, Balto. He also likes to know what others children are thinking, their opinion and rights. He is in the Advocados, the work group for children under 10.

What was the theme of the day?

The theme of the day was breaking down the barriers. In the Advocados we selected a place and write it in a circle. For my group we chose school. Then we draw another circle around it and in it we wrote all the problems. And around it we put a bigger rectangle with all the ideas and solution, people and institutions that can influence this problem.  During the Together Time me and all the advocados we came on stage to destroy the iceberg [editor’s note: symbol of the barriers].


What did you do and what was the highlight of the day?

We had the workshop, mine is on how to run a campaign. But the best part was going to the Mont Saint Michel. I know I went to work but it was the first time I saw the sea and I loved it and I loved the view from the castle. It was raining but we were welcomed by the mayor of the town and we let go balloons in shape of a dove and then we put floating flowers in the sea with our wishes for children’s rights. We also ask questions to visitors about the problem kids faced in their countries. When we interviewed American people they said that one problem of their country was that their kids were getting fat but for me that is not a children rights problem but a health problem.


Who did you meet?

I met Christopher. I love that he’s working with kids in Haiti, taking care of them. He is 11 and he facilitates the workshop I’m going to and I really like that he shares his knowledge and it’s good because other kids can learn how to run project and we see it is possible when you are young because he does it.

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