Day 4: through the eyes of Zeineb, Tarnim, Leyla and Emmanuella

Zeineb, Tarnim, Leyla and Emmanuella are four girls who participated in Initiatives of Change France programme called Oui Act. As part of the programme they were offered a chance to come to Child Rights in Action. As one does not come without the other three, it’s with great pleasure that we received the whole squad to our daily report of the day.


What was the theme of the day?

All: The theme was on projects. It started with in the Nest Groups. We had to come up with an idea for a project and then we had to build around it. Some people worked on ideas they already had and others created them from scratch.

Emmanuella: I was in the group in which we talked about helping homeless people.

Zeineb: Leyla and I we were in the one to build schools in other countries

Tarnim: and I a proposed one to help people with disabilities and bullying.


What did you do and what was the highlight of the day?

All: We started with the workshops. Ours is the one on Social Media and we finished it by learning how to make stories and posts and by planned a campaign to defend Human Rights.

The highlight of the day was definitely the open space.

Leyla: We went to Bakou Gary’s who told us about his life. He’s an immigrant and lived in the street for a month until someone took him to the Red Cross and was sent into a home for unaccompanied minor. He helped him find solutions on how to help homeless minors and we came up with the idea to organize a reception point in train station to welcome refugees and immigrant to help them.

Tarnim: I went in a workshop about grading system, but the person running suggested that students should be divided by grades. I disagree because it favours the ones with good grades and students with bad one can be pushed to be better by their friends with good grades.

Zeineb: me, Leyla and Emmanuella went to Sarah’s workshop. Her project is to build school in Côte d’Ivoire because the school system there is bad. In the public there can be up to 100 students in one classroom but private schools are too expensives. To do that she’s going to organize something to find books for the kids and money for the school.

Emmanuella: that’s why we had an idea. In 3 months we’ll meet again and help her. And when we’ll start school after the holidays we’ll go talk to our principal and show him everything we did here, with picture and everything and we’ll ask him if we can have a cake sale to help Sarah. Pierre [editor’s note: their accompanying adult] told us he’ll help us and we got Sarah’s contact!


Who did you meet?

All : the persons we’ll remember most are Bakou and Sarah. Their stories are striking and they made us feel really strong emotions with their testimony.

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