Day 5: curtain drop on a busy week

After four days of discussions, workshops, together times, open spaces and other it is time for our participants to say goodbye and to continue their actions in their respective countries and communities.


Our last day was the occasion to focus on what we learned during those five days and to prepare the future. Indeed, our forum lasted for a week but the commitment and actions of our participants will las longer. Furthermore, it was also the time to say (an emotional) goodbye to everyone.


We began our final day in our respective Nest Group. It was our last occasion to exchange our views on different topics during this event. Moreover, it was the perfect moment for a more than needed debriefing of our week and of our brand-new knowledge and enthusiasm about Human Rights and Children as Human Rights Defenders.


Consequently, it was the perfect time to speak about our respective project. Some felt invigorated and ready to continue they current projects, other came up with new ideas to start actions in the future and some a now ready to start their own actions. For instance, it is the case of the Oui Act delegation who wants to launch a cake sale in their school to raise money for a school that Sarah (another participant) wants to build in Côte d’Ivoire. This also shows that CRIA is about community and partnerships: indeed Sarah and the delegation of Oui Act didn’t know each other at the beginning of the event but nevertheless came up with a project together. Finally, our last Nest Group was also a time were participants could write a message or leave gifts for people with whom they connected. Everybody’s envelops were filled with kind notes and presents.


Then, it was time for our last together time; therefore we focused on our future actions. In addition, to give us a little more encouragement Geneviève Garrigos, the former president of Amnesty International France was interviewed by one of our young participant to talk about her fight for Human Rights.

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