Nichole and CRIA

Nichole was 14 when she first participated to CATS as a guest speaker. She talked about her actions towards gun control and bullying in front of all the participants. Later, she joined CRIA’s Core Team to help build the forum. Her participation was crucial as she helped in designing the programme, setting up the place and the logistics, facilitating the activities and raising funds for an Ecuadorian boy, Everson, so he could attend.  

After the CRIA forum I realized that I felt very strongly about climate change, had a broader perspective, and was equipped with a lot of tools that were only made possible after conversations with people I met at CRIA. CATS and CRIA had a major impact on my mindset as a global citizen.” 

A lot of my knowledge as a leader has been a result of creating the Nest Groups for CRIA.

Nichole and the Five Dollar Project

She went on and created the Five Dollar Project. It focuses on fighting environmental injustice in marginalized communities through different student led initiatives. In a sense, for her, the first initiative was helping Everson to come to CRIA in France.  

As of today she has raised more than $8000 and has created two new initiatives which she is currently working on carrying out. One of the initiatives is raising $7000 to help fund food drives in the school that everything goes to, as many of the families have been strongly hit by COVID-19. As of today they have raised around $5300 and are increasingly gaining more awareness.  

She has also organized around 200 people throughout the project and has involved 348 donors in collaborating toward the Caminitos De Luz food drive.  

A lot of my knowledge as a leader has been a result of creating the Nest Groups for CRIA, as I had learned to push and present new ideas while still working as a team. A big part of the perspective I have today I can say has been created after hearing the impact for stories from speakers and participants at both Cats and CRIA. The message that CRIA holds, of empowering children through inter-generational cooperation and collaboration, is something that has truly stuck with me, in projects that I have worked with, and has especially empowered me to create my own project, The Five Dollar Project.” 

Visit their website for more information : and follow them on their instagram (@thefivedollarproject).

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