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CRIA celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Convention

Child Right in Action multiplied its actions for the 30th anniversary of the International Child Rights Convention

A Parisian Charter for Children’s Day

Following the successful collaboration with Child Rights in Action for the 30 years anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child [UNCRC], the City of Paris wished to renew this partnership for 2020 Universal Children’s Day. The project was an ambitious one: to create a Parisian Charter of Children Rights.

1 Month, 1 Right, 1 Action

During CRIA forum, we asked to the participants to use those five days of forum, exchange, debates, workshops, to start an action in the 90 following days. Zeinab and Neyla, from the Oui Act delegation, created the operation: 1 month, 1 right, 1 action.

Korczak in Australia

When Child Rights in Action (CRIA)  its first event, Karin Morrison managed to send a delegation from a school she’s working with in France. Now, inspired by what CRIA is promoting, she’s setting up a Korczak association in Australia, and have involved children in the process.

Nichole and the Five Dollar Project

Nichole has been a member of the team who build CRIA. Her experience has been essential in the construction of her own project: The Five Dollar Project.

Webinar: Campaigns & Projects

This new CRIA Online webinar put children leading projects in the spotlight. Around 50 persons came to here them talk and learn from their experience.

CRIA Webinar: Safety First

Bullying, Mental Health and Online Safety were the three topic discussed during this second CRIA Online webinar

First CRIA Online Webinar: a discussion about gender discrimination.

115 people – of which half were under 18 - from about 16 countries, were gathered to discuss discriminations against girls.

Activity 6: Breaking free.

We've learned about girls rights and challenges, we've build together a survey to be spread... It is now time to "go out there" and act!

Activity 5: Caged

It's time for our 5th activity! We are going to ask you to become a reporter for a day and conduct a survey to raise awareness about gender equality. But before, we need to prepare the questions.

Activity 4: Thunderstorm!

For this activity, participants will have to answer what challenges they think girls must face?

Activity 3: Learning how to fly!

We just saw the circumstances of the birth of a girl around the world, through different cultures' eyes. We can now have a closer look at what they learn.