Projects & Advocacy

In order to advocate for the necessary changes and improvements to the application of Child rights, the programme CRIA works at the grassroots level by capacity building through our forums, webinars, workshops… and supporting our young people in taking action through projects and campaigns. We also are working on advocacy at a policy making at national and international levels. In order to do that we are actively engaged with collective platforms of NGOs and other rights based institutions. These include AEDE, Groupe Enfance, and Eurochild. The result of these collaborations is to increase mainstreaming child participation, changing countries foreign and domestic policy to include systematically improvement on child rights issues. We will be highlighting some of the concrete examples shortly on this page.


They participated in CRIA and have since developped their own project, look at their story :

1 Month, 1 Right, 1 Action

During CRIA forum, we asked to the participants to use those five days of forum, exchange, debates, workshops, to start an action in the 90 following days. Zeinab and Neyla, from the Oui Act delegation, created the operation: 1 month, 1 right, 1 action.

Korczak in Australia

When Child Rights in Action (CRIA)  its first event, Karin Morrison managed to send a delegation from a school she’s working with in France. Now, inspired by what CRIA is promoting, she’s setting up a Korczak association in Australia, and have involved children in the process.

Nichole and the Five Dollar Project

Nichole has been a member of the team who build CRIA. Her experience has been essential in the construction of her own project: The Five Dollar Project.

Tell us about yours:

Tell us about your story and what CRIA inspired you to do :