What is Child Rights in Action ?

Child rights in Action (CRIA) is a model that demonstrates how to create the right conditions for the living  experience of child rights. Many individuals and organizations realize the importance of child rights and participation but face certain challenges when it comes to implementation. Our programs and forums bridge this gap which allows organizations to reproduce these conditions in their own contexts.

Participation (the right of a child to express views in all matters affecting them) is a general principle of fundamental importance for children as reflected in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  And by promoting participation can children fully exercise their rights to provisions and protection.

CRIA started 8 years ago as an approach to create an example of child participation via on-field forums, trainings and varied online programs addressing issues faced by children on a grass root level providing opportunities to participate in the different aspects of child rights and advocacy.

Our vision: A global community to empower children and adults to advocate for the rights of children.